Concrete Work
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Why call on Ferbeco’s concrete works?
At Ferbeco, we have our years of experience as a great asset, we offer different types of concrete works.
We are based in Izegem and soon we will open a new branch in Lendelede, but we are work name in the wide region of West Flanders and East Flanders!

Our company has built an excellent reputation for our quality and service.
We are dedicated to providing high-quality concrete works for various applications.
We offer the following services: the installation of industrial concrete floors, washed concrete or walls poured on site. You can also always come to us for private concrete works.

Some advantages of our concrete works:
– High durability: concrete designed for different weather conditions
– Lower costs: we aim for the best price-quality ratio for our customers
– Flexibility: we produce different types of structures
– Strong structure: we offer concrete with a long service life
– Environmentally friendly work: the concrete is made from natural materials, which has a positive impact on the environment

Discover Ferbeco’s assets:
Our works are carried out by experienced professionals who have all the required skills and knowledge to ensure the best results. We have modern equipment and materials to bring each project to a successful conclusion. We map out every phase of the project and ensure that all works offer satisfaction.
Our workers are always available to answer all your questions and help you find the best solution for each project.
Our expert construction teams are also involved in the safety of your site and are qualified to work at height and on complex structures.
Together, we will look at your project to suggest the right materials adapted to your needs, ultimately offering a good proposal.
In short, Ferbeco is always ready to help you with quality concrete works that meet your specific needs.

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