Roof cladding

Why use roof cladding from Ferbeco?

You can come to us for the installation of different types of roof cladding for both new construction and renovation projects.
We install high-quality roofing in various shapes and colours for industrial, agricultural and residential buildings, as well as for commercial buildings and office spaces.
Thanks to our many years of experience, you can come to us with all your questions!
We are located in Izegem and will soon open a new branch in Lendelede, but we are work name in the wide region of West Flanders and East Flanders!

Discover our different types of roof cladding:

Single-ply roof cladding
Is a good option for agricultural buildings, but also for industrial and commercial buildings.
We offer a wide range of sheets and roof tile profiles in different shapes and colours + various coatings.
For buildings that are not insulated and where an aesthetic finish on the underside is not a necessity, we offer sheets fitted with an absorbent cloth to absorb condensation water.

Sandwich panels – Insulated roof panels and roof tile panels

We install quality roof cladding in various shapes and colours.
The insulated sandwich panels are suitable for pitched roofs and are the ideal solution for projects in the industrial, residential and agricultural sectors.
We offer panels (various thicknesses) that ensure a high thermal insulation value. Moreover, we also install panels suitable for thermal insulation in environments with an aggressive indoor climate and panels that achieve high fire resistance, absorption and noise reduction. These panels have a foam core without harmful CFC-HCFC compounds.

Discover the advantages of our roof cladding:

– High durability: high-quality material that is highly durable. It can withstand extreme weather conditions
– Low cost: affordable products that maintain quality
– Low maintenance costs: low maintenance compared to other roofs
– Less leakage: waterproof and prevents leaks
– Less risk of damage: prevents tears and cracks in the roof covering
– Easy installation: easy to install, reducing installation costs
– Easy to clean: easy to clean and use
– Green option: environmentally friendly materials

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