Wall cladding

Why use wall cladding from Ferbeco?
You can come to us for the installation of different types of wall cladding for both new construction and renovation projects.
We install quality wall cladding in various shapes and colours for both commercial buildings, office spaces, biogas plants, water treatment, as well as industrial, agricultural and residential buildings.
We are based in Izegem and will soon open a new branch in Lendelede, but we are work name in the wide region of West Flanders and East Flanders!

Discover our different types of wall cladding:

Single wall cladding
Is an ideal option for agricultural buildings, sheds, biogas plants, but also for industrial or residential applications.
We offer a wide range of sheets in different shapes and colours + various coatings.

Sandwich panels – Insulated panels
Is a good option for industrial, agricultural and commercial buildings, but also for sheds, shops, biogas plants, hotels and residential buildings.
We offer a wide range of insulated panels in different shapes and colours + various coatings.
Moreover, we also install panels suitable for thermal insulation of environments with aggressive indoor climates, these are also panels that achieve high fire resistance, absorption and noise reduction. These panels have a foam core without harmful CFC-HCFC compounds.
It is a durable product that is easy to apply and has a long lifespan.

The advantages of our facade cladding at a glance:
– High-quality weather protection: high-quality protection against extreme weather conditions such as rain, wind, sunlight, heat and frost
– High durability: durable material that can withstand frequent use
– Fire-resistant: offers a high level of safety
– Cost-effective: a cost-effective solution with a long lifespan
– Easy to apply: requires no special material

Ferbeco offers customers a number of advantages:
– Quality: high-quality products with a long service life
– Reliability: reliable products and processes. Our products are tested and monitored to meet the highest quality standards
– Sustainability: sustainable materials and production techniques. We strive to produce environmentally friendly products that are produced responsibly
– Affordability: affordable products without compromising on quality

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